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High Level consulting has been created to help student athletes achieve their dreams. Domestically (USA) and internationally, young athletes of all sports have big dreams. Whether it be to play in the NBA, NCAA, or just to experience college athletics, high level consulting is here to assist. We know it can be tricky to understand, research and or execute plans for the next level – this is why we are here – to help steer you – the student athlete – in the right direction.

What we offer 

High Level Consulting is here to help students athletes connect to prep schools and or colleges. Since our goal is to help student athletes, we feature FREE profile creation. With this, you create your own file within our company database. Once your profile has been processed, we reach out to individually to access your goals and devise a plan for the next level.

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Student athletes

We are here to support the next generation of student athletes. We know that college and or the next level is very exciting but can also be a little confusing and comes with a good deal of uncertainty. With High Level consulting by your side, we assist with the entire process with the end goal being prep school, college or even pro in your sport.

Here is a list of our services for the student athlete:

talent evaluation

Education on the NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA and boarding schools

Assistance with NCAA or NAIA clearinghouse

Lists and contact info of showcases and camps to maximize exposure

Teach student-athletes how to market themselves

Help bolster relationship between colleges/prep schools

Advise student athletes, if necessary, on what schools they should visit and assist with the logistics

Help student-athlete make their desicion (college/prep school)

The services above are meant to help the student athlete make the best desicion possible. Our role, on top of helping land the school, is to inform. Please give contact us if you have any additional questions.

International student athletes

Many internationally based student athletes have big dreams and some believe coming to the states to attend college or prep school is the best way to go. We are here to help. With clients in Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, France, and a few other countries, High Level Consulting strives to help kids succeed and pave the way towards achievement.

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International profile creation

We hope to foster a relationship with you and to help you reach your goals.


Are you a college coach? Do you want to tour Europe playing games and exploring unknown terrain? We can help! With our connections and experience overseas, we have developed relationships with clubs and teams and what they want most is to get better! One way of doing so is to play college teams. Many colleges take International tours as a way to gain life/world experience and to help develop their players.

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Are you a prep school teacher/coach? Do you want to expand into the international market? Look no further – with the help of High Level, you can acquire students from all over the world, who are qualified and can contribute to your school’s bottom line, both on and off the sports field/court/platform. Contact us for more information about how we can help at

Schools worked with

Some of the schools we work with include IMG Academy, South Kent, Hawaii Prep, San Domenico, and many more!

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