PM boot camps

After a long day at work, school or whichever activity that has you preoccupied, controlled and or sedentary, what better than to break a quick sweat! What better way than to join the High Level Training PM boot camp! Here we do it all, cardio conditioning, muscle toning, Tabata training, Power Yoga and everything it takes to push your fitness level to unreachable heights!

The Boot camps are held on  Tuesdays at 8.30 pm and Thursday at 7.30 pm  at 250 K  ST in NE Washington DC.

( More info coming soon regarding additional evening Boot Camps for fall 2015)


Enroll for four times a week with our unlimited plan for $80 a month or for two times a week for $60 a month. Which two boot camps you’ll attend is up to you.

Reggie Stovell, reggie@highleveltraining.us
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